2018 ViVa Tampa Bay Hispanic Heritage Festival

Kick off on Sunday, October 7th, 2018 from 11:00am-6:00pm

@ Centennial Park in Historic Ybor City!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

All American Music Productions Inc., the Ybor Chamber of Commerce, the Ybor Rotary Club and Course of Action are proud to announce and invite the Tampa Bay community and surrounding counties to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by honoring generations of Hispanic Americans residing in Tampa Bay, and across our Sunshine State as well as the nation for their social, cultural and economic contributions! Through hard work and dedication, Hispanic Americans have contributed to science, the arts, commerce, sports, philanthropy and every other facet of American life.  Men and women of Hispanic descent have proudly and courageously served in the armed forces throughout American history, showing an unwavering commitment to protect our nation.

Join us for this feet stomping performance including the renowned singer, artist Charlie Cruz and the electrifying band of Plena Mar Latino for the biggest and most exciting event celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! ViVa Tampa Bay is an exciting Family Art & Cultural Festival, celebrating the beauty of Tampa Bay’s Hispanic Communities!  Guests will enjoy delicious Latin foods, festivities and local band performances dedicated to Hispanic Heritage.  Cultural dance exhibitions, and recognition of our cities most influential Hispanic leaders who will be receiving the prestigious Heritage Award in business, community, health and more to include the category of the Amigo and Amiga award, an award presented to someone of non-Hispanic ancestry for doing so much for the Hispanic community!

This year we will show case “Veterans Thunder Alley Booths” to show case a number of Veteran non-profit organizations. These organizations will interact with our community and share with us their personnel stories and how they are helping our Veterans and first responders in Tampa, Florida.

Charlie Cruz belongs to the new generation of salseros born in the nineties and his particular style makes it different from the rest. You can say that Charlie has a unique label and, thanks to his musicality, and the power to improvise that surprises on every stage where he acts, is today one of the pillars of a movement that does not die: La Salsa! Among his most recent successes are; True Love, You Confuse Me, Let Me Change Your Life, I Want To Know You, and, who managed to reach the number one position on the Tropical Billboard. His career includes hits such as; Fall The World Sugar Candy, Love Is A Problem, A Chin Chin, Cry With Me, Let It Dance, I Need More Of You. The challenge now is to consolidate in other countries such as Canada, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Panama and Colombia, Peru, "markets that have to give us much in the sauce and have always supported us." Likewise, it aims to support the new talents of the genre, "who are denied the opportunities, since they cannot be measured with established artists. We must continue giving support to keep growing and put forward a genre with so much history as salsa. "

Charlie’s latest hit song  with Tito Nieves “SE CAE EL MUNDO” is considered as one hits for this summer. He will be performing it at ViVA Tampa Bay 2018!

"I want to continue singing, to enjoy everything I have in life, which are gifts from God, and to stand on the pallets, not for stardom, but to give my heart for the passion and love I have for Art as to life itself, " concludes the singer-songwriter.

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